Estonia’s competetive advantages

Estonia has been investing for years in new ports and renovating railways to ensure better connection between the East and the West. But above all, Estonia stands for a European business environment, stable and low taxes and a very low level of corruption. Estonia serves as a gateway to marketplaces with the greatest purchasing power – the European Union and Russia / CIS / Central Asia.

Advantages of Estonia’s logistic location:

  • Estonia is the geographical midpoint of Northern Europe and therefore the best place to set up distribution centres and to generate added value;
  • The historic Silk Road reaches Estonia – a most efficient trade route from Asia to North West Russia and Northern Europe;
  • Upon forwarding the goods through Estonia, all the applicable European Union safety standards and requirements are enforced.

Advantages of Estonia’s economical environment:

  • Liberal trade and pricing policy;
  • Open – No restrictions to the free movement of capital;
  • Clear – Simple and proportional tax system;
  • Best place to grow fast – 0% corporate income tax on reinvested profits;
  • All the taxes can be declared via E-tax/e-customs (an electronic service desk of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board);
  • Stability – member of EU, NATO, Schengen and OECD;
  • Corruption free, no hidden costs.